How long does it take to learn Spanish?

In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to answer. Learning a new language is a huge accomplishment, and it takes time!


Many Spanish-learning programs will promise that you’ll be fluent in two weeks, or after a few months of listening to a podcast for 5 minutes a day. That’s just not possible. 


The Spanish Learning Club understands that learning Spanish is a journey, not a task that can be completed in a short time frame. We promise to support you through the journey, however long it takes, and try to help you enjoy the process!


However, there are some variables that impact how quickly you will master Spanish. 


Lifestyle: Are you a stay-at-home parent? A full-time student? Retired? Someone with multiple jobs? Your occupation, home life and support system will impact how much brain power you can dedicate to learning Spanish. Someone who can spend two hours practicing every day will certainly learn faster than someone who has a more sporadic schedule. However, don’t be discouraged if you are a busy person; with long-term dedication, you’ll reach fluency!


Learning methods:  Everyone has a unique way of learning. Are you a visual learner, or do you need to read a written description in order to understand a concept? Do you have a hard time with audio instruction, but learn quickly in a hands-on environment? At The Spanish Learning Club, we use all methods of instruction to make sure all students find ways to practice that work for them. 


Experience: Some Spanish students may have parents who speak Spanish but didn’t pass the language on. Other people may be a native speaker of a language like Mandarin or German, which has very little in common with Spanish. Your previous experience with Spanish, and with learning other languages, can impact how long it takes to become fluent. 


Dedication: At the end of the day, time and practice are the magic combination that will get you to fluency. Practicing as much as you can, being patient and enjoying the learning process is all you can do!


Setting unreasonable goals for yourself could end up taking away from your Spanish learning experience. If you want to learn Spanish in two months and fail, you might end up quitting the language entirely. 


At the Spanish Learning Club, we want to direct your focus away from hard-to-reach goals and towards the learning process itself. We are here to help you learn at your own pace, based on your personal circumstances. Sign up for a Spanish Learning Club class today if you want classes that will keep you interested in Spanish for as long as it takes to reach fluency!


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